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Seller Services

Seller Services
We provide sellers with the following services in order to make the selling process more convenient and easier without having to worry about anything, just let our experienced staff do the work.

  • Vehicle storage
    The vehicles that are going to be auctioned should be transferred to our auction site three days before the auction day.
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  • Vehicle inspection
    Our inspection team will inspect the car and grade them with our grading evaluation standards.
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  • Pricing
    In order to sell your car fast and get the desired price our team will advice you on how to set the reserve price, so you can be sure that your car will be sold at the price wanted.
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  • Vehicle registration
    We take photos of the vehicles and upload them into our website along with the inspection evaluation sheet.
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  • Transportation
    We can arrange transportation of the vehicle at the auction house by paying a small transportation fee.
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  • Air Park
  • SVA Cyprus
  • PIAA Cyprus

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